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  • buildSetting up your Strava API access token

    To setup your Strava API access token, you have to go to Strava's website and head over to settings. Afterwards, click on the My API Application and add this application. Finally, collect the token and put it in the appropriate box. Click here for example.

  • placeGetting your segment identification number

    This step is simple - just go to the segment that you wish to access, and copy the number after segments/ on the URL. For example, in the following URL: , the number we would paste would be 5661031.

  • bookReading the data

    The influence rating is determined based off of the magnitude of the wind vector and how it correlates to the displacement of the athlete. The stronger / larger the correlation, the more wind was an influencer.

  • toysWind and Ride Direction

    The wind and ride direction may appear to be the opposite, but instead it represents the direction from where the wind is blowing. For more information feel free to consult Wikipedia.

Data Input
Fill out the fields below to fetch information that is important to you.


Rank Athlete Name Date Speed Wind Speed Wind Direction Ride Direction Influence Rating
Segment Map